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Scamatic specializes in integrated solution implementation when creating automated process control systems and embedded automation systems. The company’s key areas of focus are integrated automation of production and logistics.

Our solutions include:

  • programming
  • systems integration
  • scada
  • control panels and hmi
  • databases
  • pneumatic control cabinets
  • pumps & engine controls
  • plc (programmable logic controllers)
  • remote terminal controls
  • reports
  • machine vision systems
  • warehouse intralogistics
  • mes

We also supply scale conveyors, comprehensive solution with automatic barcode reading, dimensioning and weighing, and a cost-effective parcel sorting solution, with a capacity of up to 1,500 pieces an hour.

We offer the following systems for warehouse logistics

  • Conveyor scales: determine the weight of goods on the conveyor. These systems are used to determine the shipping weight for declaration, product quality control, order assembly control, and food/beverage conformity management. Certification for commercial operations are also provided.
  • Barcode scanning systems: read data from a barcode on a conveyor system. Typical applications include receipt of goods, final shipments, carrier labeling management and weight and volume data consolidation.
  • Tag printing and labeling: used for cardboard packaging or goods. These systems are used to ship, declare and label goods in accordance with the requirements of hypermarket retailers and product labeling.
  • Cargo sorting systems: sort parcels and packages on sorting lines, process goods in accordance with predefined rules and data from WMS systems.