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Machine vision and Serialization

Machine vision systems make it possible to quickly and accurately carry out product control, input data into the database and, if necessary, sort it out.

We supply solutions for various industries:
  • pharmaceuticals
  • dairy industry
  • beer brewing
  • beverage industry
  • food industry
  • Tracking the date/series, etc.
  • OCR/OCV text verification and recognition:
    • on a transparent ampoule/vial/syringe
    • on the lid/ampoule bottom
    • on a multi-unit package
  • Plug presence and capping accuracy
  • Filling level, including with dark glass and PET
  • Label presence
  • Correct application of the label
  • Checking ampoules/vials/etc. for chips, cracks, foreign inclusions
  • Presence and reading of barcodes, including federal special stamps (support for various barcode standards, including GS1, HIBCC, Codabar, ISBT and Pharmacodes)
  • Checking the completeness of a multi-unit package
  • Identification
    • Tracking
    • Serialization
  • Checking packaged tablets for presence/flaws and defects