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In order to reduce the cost of manufactured products, bread production is increasingly consolidated at large bakery production plants. We offer the most advanced DCS and MES-based solutions for automation of these production facilities. We take into account the specific nature of the production, e.g. production of different types of bakery using the same dough.

Process control technology for the baking industry

We provide automation in accordance with the following tasks:

  • Order management:  acceptance of goods, dough production, baking, packaging, dispatching.
  • Recipe management: Acceptance of bills of materials and consumption feedback at ERP systems, recipe changes (batch size, water quantity, dough temperature); management of manually added components and determination of the times for mixing in additives during kneading.
  • Process-oriented material management: Displaying the material flow across all process stages; inventory management for raw, auxiliary and production materials; accounting for bread leftover and return; production batch tracking.
  • Integrated energy management: Processing and visualization of data on energy accounting; energy consumption statistics with detailed reports; report on energy consumption to higher supervising authorities; energy balances.
  • Quality and production optimization: Connection to laboratory systems; operating process of quality control; registration of production data; OEE key figures for bakeries.
  • Maintenance and repair: Maintenance tasks; spare parts procurement (warehouse-based or order-based); maintenance planning and supervision; spare parts warehouse management with inventory availability monitoring.