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We use specialized solutions for building automation, which includes the industry-adopted BACnet protocol.

Introduction of the system makes it possible to provide the following:

  • Automated control of engineering systems, engaging their interaction according to an individually developed algorithm.
  • 24-hour data acquisition on the condition of engineering systems using sensors.
  • Real-time remote control and management of the system via the Internet or local area network.
  • Instant display of data on off-normal operating conditions at the operator's computer.
  • Storage and reading of historical data of the building management system.
  • Sending alarm messages to both e-mail and mobile phone.
  • Creation of system parameter fluctuation diagrams.
  • Prevention of emergencies, their detection and elimination by automatically activated protection systems.
  • Accounting of consumption of energy resources: electricity, gas, heat, etc.
  • Remote control of process equipment, real-time management.
  • Advanced user-friendly HMI that provides the operator with comprehensive real-time and historical process information, extensive operator capabilities for managing the process.