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It is very important to comply with standards and stringent law regulations in milk production. Knowledge of technology is required to automatize the dairy industry. We offer an end-to-end, open and flexible software structure for dairy and milk production and processing plants.

We provide solutions for integrated automation of dairy production or automation of individual production processes:

  • Milk acceptance
  • Milk storage
  • Milk/cream/butter processing
  • Cheese production
  • Cheese production, whey processing
  • Production of fermented dairy, yoghurt, cottage cheese, desserts
  • Production of milk powder
  • CIP washing systems
  • Milk processing
    Acceptance, production, packaging of milk, cream, butter
  • Cheese-making
    Cheese production and packaging, whey processing
  • Dairy products
    Production, filling, packing of fermented dairy, yogurts, cottage cheese, desserts
  • Milk sugar and milk powder
    Production, packing of milk powder and milk sugar
  • CIP washing systems

All solutions are ISA88-compliant. All solutions can be paired with MES.