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Conveyor Scale

Conveyor scale is a device for dinamic weighing. Equipped with a display.

This conveyor scale is used for automated weighing of various conveyed objects. Built in lines requiring weight control and automated sorting, it is used to weigh piece goods (boxes, baggage). A weigh-in-motion device works automatically, thereby eliminating the human factor.

Full statistics and data registering supported. Continuous self-diagnostics ensures operation of all elements. In case of a failure, a text message is displayed.

A conveyor can be equipped with barcode scanner sections, as well as automated barcode registration and dimensioning systems. The control panel enables configuring sorting or screening modes.

System Make-Up

Weighing Load Cell

An industrial strain-gage load cell, designed for specific requirements for high-performance weigh-in-motion.

Key Features:
  • Fine weighing accuracy
  • Fast weight stabilization
  • Stainless steel or aluminum

Body and Frame

A frame and the control cabinet are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Hefty and stable frame structure provides extra anti-vibration protection, which positively affects weighing accuracy.


Using a weigh-in-motion conveyor facilitates production processes and enables:

  • Decreasing or eliminating rejection rate by virtue of setting weight and dimensions parameters.
  • Significant cost reduction thanks to decreasing overconsumption of raw materials.
  • Avoidance of penalties for mismatch between the product weight and weight specified on the box.
  • Increase of production volume because of high performance and accuracy of data processing.
  • Continuous quality control and assurance.

Weigh-in-motion may help your company enhance the quality of products and improve customer trust.

Key Functions
  • Object weighing on the go
  • Object counting
  • Weigh control
  • Reporting and logging
  • Data registering
  • Handy control panel
  • High accuracy
  • Measuring limit of up to 100 kg
  • Weighing accuracy of up to 0,1 %
  • Broad line
  • Line speed of up to 0,8 m/s
  • Commercial input-output interfaces for integration
  • Compliance with GMP
Control Terminal and Software

Controls are based on fully-integrated system, conducted by means of an industrial controller.

Data Displayed on the Tablet
  • Current capacity (obj./min)
  • Current weight
  • Number of objects weighed
  • Dynamic current weight chart
Extra Options
  • Automated or manual barcode scanner
  • Dynamic dimensioning
  • Label printer (prints barcodes, weight, date, and customizable details)
  • Extra conveyor sections
  • Computer vision system
  • Object photographing
  • Metal detector
  • Luminous-signal device notifying about emergencies and failures (for example, underload or overload)
Extra Services
  • Free presale diagnostics, Project Statement design assistance.
  • Measurements and Project Statement editing by an engineer.
  • Installation and supervision.
  • Automated Process Control System design;
  • Staff training.
  • Service maintenance
Object Parameters
Dimensions (Length, Width, Height) Min 80 x 80 x 40
Max 900 x 500 x 500
Maximum Weight*, kg 100

*Depends on the conveyor configuration

  TVS-Т30 TVS-Т50 TVS-Т100
Dimensions (Length, Width), mm 1200 x 600 1300 x 600 1400 x 600
Weighting Limit, kg 30 50 100
Accuracy, g 30 40 50
Transport Speed, m/s 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8

*Conveyor height can be customized by the customer within the range of 500-900 mm

*Width can be customized by the customer