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Dimensioning and weighing system with laser scanners

Dimensioning with lasers
Dimensioning with lasers

A signature feature of this system is dimensioning of non-cuboidal objects randomly placed on the line.

How It Works
  1. An object is fed to the measuring device.
  2. Object barcode is scanned and registered with the database.
  3. The system weighs and measures the object on the go.
  4. Objects are photographed automatically.
  5. Data (barcode, dimensions, weight, dimensional weight, photos) are registered with the database.
  6. The system submits data to the customer’s WMS.
  7. If required, the database returns the sorting direction (if the system is equipped with the sorter).

Software is developed and supported by SCAMATIC engineers. This gives good advantages in system maintenance. We greet new ideas and are ready to adjust the system free of charge. One can easily calculate the freight transport cost, eliminate measurement errors, and enhance the overall performance.

We can supplement the system with any conveyor equipment (motorized or gravity roller conveyors, belt conveyors, sorters, etc.)

Easy to Implement System Amplification Options:
  • automated or manual barcode scanner;
  • barcode print applicator;
  • connection via SOAP or RFC;
  • monitor or operator panel;
  • web-interface for tablet;
  • Wi-Fi modules;
  • variable-frequency drive;
  • conveying and handling equipment;
  • sorters.
Our Advantages
  • Extra services.
  • Free pre-sale diagnostics, Project Statement design assistance.
  • Measurements and Project Statement editing by an engineer.
  • Installation and supervision.
  • Automated Process Control System design;
  • Staff training.
  • Service maintenance
Description Parameter
Dimensions Customized
Conveyor Speed Up to 3 m/s
Capacity Up to 7,500 obj./hour
Minimum Object Distance 50 mm
Measurement Method Laser scanner
Maximum Weight 2,000 kg
Weight Accuracy 30 g
Accuracy of Object Coverage (Length, Width, Height) +-5mm / +-5mm / +-5mm
Control Panel Control Panel / Monitor / Web server
Computer High-performance computer in the control cabinet
Database MySQL
Protocols Supported OPC / Profibus / Profinet / Modbus / SOAP / ODBC
Interfaces Supported Ethernet / RS232 / RS485
Supply Voltage 220V/380V
Permissible Relative Humidity 0 ... 90%
Ambient Temperature Operation 0 °C ... +40 °C