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Eco sorting system

Dynamic sorter. All elements can be easily modified and amplified.

Fully-automated high-performance dimensioning, weighing and sorting system. Simple, reliable, easy-maintenance, amplifiable, and cost-efficient.

The system determines the object direction, a sorting device lifts when needed, and the object travels at the 90-degree angle in the appropriate direction. A large number of sorting directions can be deployed within a small area.

Cost-efficient, reliable, compact, and amplifiable system, providing various sorting combinations.

How It Works
  1. An object is fed to the input conveyor.
  2. Barcode scanner (manual or automated) scans data and sends them to WMS.
  3. If dimensioning and weighing system is built in, these data are also sent to WMS.
  4. WMS returns the sorting direction.
  5. Depending on the direction and other parameters, the object is automatically sorted.
  6. In case of an unreadable barcode or no direction set in WMS, the object is sent to a storage line.
Extra Services
  • Free pre-sale diagnostics, Project Statement design assistance.
  • Measurements and Project Statement editing by an engineer.
  • Installation and supervision.
  • Automated Process Control System design;
  • Staff training.
  • Service maintenance